• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant Of The Day. Bittersweet Part Of The Game.

I was as shocked as you probably were to learn of the latest Syrian attack, but now it makes sense to me.

Yesterday I posted that the Democrats are preparing for mass demonstrations for the expected firings of the DOJ / FBI no-gooders. Rosenstein himself says he is a goner. We all sense that it is coming to a head any day now.

Now flashback to last year when Trump fired missiles into the Syrian desert hitting nothing and yet the press hailed him as the champion of warfare. They couldn’t say enough wonderful things about him; they were confused as to his being bitter or sweet. Well, so too again.

I agree with Jordan Sather in that I believe the targets will actually turnout to be either desert sand or U.S. proxie army assets still in Syria. Now is the time to confuse the News Media by faking a war while at the same time fire Rosenstein and Mueller. The press may actually be speechless for a day or so while it all plays out.