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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Future Of Law.

I was waiting for the big talking heads to post this week about Syria and the Raided Lawyer but so far they are fairly quiet, so let me share my thoughts here.

First lets talk about Syria. I agree with Roy Potter in regards to Trump going nuts and turning on his base by ramping up war in Syria over a false gas attack. However, I agree with him if that is what Trump is doing; being forced by the Neocons to ramp up war. But I don’t think that is what Trump is doing.

I think Trump has sucker-punched the Cabal again by threatening to pull troops out of Syria. This caused them to fake another false flag gas attack on the Syrian population and blame Assad so we can go save the Syrians. If you did not follow that narrative then go back and see for yourself the process flow when on two other occasions Obama and Trump got the gas attacks for threatening to pull out. What is amazing is the Cabal and the News Media now feel Trump believes that same lie that was proven one of the lies Trump refused to fall for before!

So to sum up the Syria action, Trump is forcing them out into the open for all the world to see the work product of the Cabal – perpetual war. If you are not buying any of this then lets try another approach. We have three world powers at play now: the U.S., Russia and China. We are told all are on the verge of nuclear war and we should be fearful.

In order for any one of these three legitimate countries (non-Cabal) to push the button to start the war, one must assume they are really stupid and cannot see the Cabal acting in the background to create that button push. You would also have to assume that the U.S. is not in cahoots with at least one (Russia or China) making war dangerous for the odd man out. I myself see all three working together to take out the Cabal and decide how to live successfully and in peace post-Cabal. I think we are watching one giant Kabuki theater play in order to let the Cabal and Deep State demonstrate to the world who they really are and just how far they will go to control the world. This is the awakening for the rest still asleep.

Now let’s discuss Trump’s raided lawyer, Michael Cohen. Now we are told the FBI raid was to seize evidence of Trumps possible involvement with a hooker a good many years ago. Somehow, we are lead to believe that this may be a matter of national security.

Here’s the way I see it. Mueller and company are either desperate to garner a headline no matter the cost or want to be fired for whatever reason they can conjure up (start a civil war, too tired to go on or give Congress an excuse to impeach Trump for the firing).

I feel Trump will fire Mueller, Sessions, some of all the bunch there or all of the bunch, perhaps by this weekend. My reasoning is he must if we are to return to the rule of law. A sanctimonious principle of our legal system is the representation by a an attorney (lawyerman for us poor folks) and the protection of all communication between attorney and client. This week Mueller just ended all that forever. Unless they are fired immediately, that Pandora’s scourge will never be put back in the box.

If it is allowed to live and grow, the attorney profession is, as a whole, over. On top of that, nearly all Congressmen are attorneys, so Mueller just lost at least half of his supporters. Mueller and company just committed suicide and all Trump can do is champion himself and finish the job for Mueller. Congress will then have to sell the end of Rule of Law to the citizens in the light of day if they proceed to impeach Trump.

According to the Bill Still Report today, the Investigator General may release the first portion of his Democrat feared report later this week. What I see is the Cabal is desperately running out of time. Trey Goudy threatens to impeach the seniors at the DOJ and FBI for obstruction of Justice for refusing to hand over files. The Democrats may start an impeachment movement against Trump. Trump may fire the top DOJ and FBI dogs. And all this may occur at a time when lawyers may use it to earn their last lawyering income before they become obsolete! Looking forward to a great popcorn weekend Folks.

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