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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Col. Potter and the Next Big False Flag.

All readers absolutely must hear Col. Roy Potter’s interview today, between the 13 and 36 minute mark.

He suggests that Jeff Sessions and the new secret prosecutor Huber are both members of the SES, the secret organization that actually runs our government. They control the legal system and not Trump.

He also suggests that the 25,000 sealed indictments were not prepared by Trump and the good guys to right our government but rather were prepared by the Deep State to incriminate Trump to have him removed from office. Just let that one sink in Folks.

If Potter is correct it would make sense as to why the indictments have not been unsealed yet and why not a single arrest has been made to date – the Cabal is not ready to take down the entire system yet.

In order to be prepared they must be prepared for all the civil chaos that would be generated, prepared to completely silence the entire alternative news sources, prepared to seize all weapons, etc. That is all a big order.

Do I believe that Col Potter is right? Yes, I think it makes more sense than anything I have heard to date, especially arrests being made by the government rather than a military coup. Those legal indictments have puzzled me all along if we are to believe in military tribunals. The tribunals do not need indictments in my mind. Potter's theory would also explain why the Democrats still do not have a party platform - they don't need one if all the competition is arrested prior to the elections.

I believe that everyone must hear his argument in the event that this does occur and all alternate media should suddenly go down, at least you will have some idea of what is going on. Be prepared.

Your thoughts?

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