• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. SES - Blueprint For Treason.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Folks, this is way beyond what we were expecting to learn while watching the CABAL being taken down. The SES (Senior Executive Service) is a blueprint on Treason against our government. It is as outrageous as improbable as the bank robber who escapes but leaves his wallet behind!

The SES Is an actual Federal program that is blueprinted, drawn up on a pretty little Organization Chart, and tells the names of all the payers, and by players I mean those that willingly sold their treasonous soul to be appointed to those positions. Please hear that again – they willingly stepped into the treason.

Yesterday we heard there were about 3,200 of them that either surrendered or are trying to plea a deal. Now we see there are about 8,200 of them. My god, the fear must be running all throughout the government this week. Stay prepared because this is a major death blow to the desperate CABAL.

Be certain to watch the video below, The REAL Deep State (Senior Executive Service) #SES #QAnon #Keystone, for the most up to date details.


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