• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: 2016 Election Results.

"It Was Obama-Based Social Media Mining That Beat Hillary." After reading that post maybe we all need to review this video. Most of the awakened realize that the Deep State rigged the 2016 elections and had it gift wrapped for Killary but surprisingly her lead faded in the final hours. The the utter surprise showed on the faces of the big league news anchors as the results changed directions. Big media was in on the rigging and the end game reports just didn't fit the script. Killary went into a rage and was heard screaming something like, "If we lose this thing we all hang from nooses!". Remember? What most awakened and all sleeping sheeple do not realize is that the election was unrigged by AI in real time at the very bitter end. Excellent must have historical info but long, dry, and not very exciting. Only 12K views! It's been said that Killary did not contest the results because she knew the military was prepared to do the unthinkable. Makes sense in retrospect. When you have the time: DR. RICHARD DAVIS : U.S. ELECTION RESULT & AI


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