• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Trump Points For Tillerson Sack?

This morning I was glued to the TV as news came out regarding the replacement of Tillerson. My hopeful thought was this may be a good thing and perhaps Trump will finally put some points on the board indicating a swamp take-down. Then I saw where the #2 at the State Dept was also sacked. Could this be a good Trump move on the swamp I wondered.

In my readings the past few days I have seen stories indicating that the CIA is now possibly running for Democratic seats in 2018. Is this an open continuation to a coup by the communists? I saw news stories confirming what I have been witnessing the past two months, that being the CIA is openly letting its folks be hired as “consultants” to CNN and the other Main Street News organizations.

(Before I go any further let me interject this here and now. I have not seen FOX news stoop to the level of hiring CIA spokespersons. Therefore, I will not say anything bad about them. I have noticed every Friday that THEY bring out Geraldo Rivero as their consultant to tell us what we are supposed to think. So no, I will never say anything bad about FOX news, no Siree.)

I was anxiously trying to make a point out of all today’s news when my wife ruined my whole day. She pointed out that Tillerson, according to Bill Still, may have been sacked because he failed to clean out the State Department of Hillary holdovers. She also pointed out that Tillerson’s replacement, Mike Pompeo, the current Director of the CIA, appears to have not cleaned out his department as well. Also, the CIA will now have someone in the State Department. How is this a point in draining the swamp?

I don’t know what my final thought is yet Folks. I am just having to think out loud because of my meddlesome wife!


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