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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Tough Elders.

My wife is a fantastic cook. I always complement her on the meal. If it is exceptionally good I chide her by saying, “Thanks for the dinner Babe, it was damn near tolerable.”

Last night she served our 6 member clan a great meal with a twist. For some reason she cut a roast into chunks and grilled them on the barbie like a pork chop. It was tough and some pieces were down right jaw breakers, but we were all gracious and no one said a word.

Towards the end I thanked her for the fine meal and added, “I’m just curious here, what kind of meat is this, Godzilla’s Grand-Father?” Everyone roared with laughter except her.

Tonight while everyone else was dining on cabbage, sausage and cornbread, I was served just one boiled egg. I guess it was the one I laid, huh?

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