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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Chicken Cop’s NDA.

Let’s not be mislead and lead around by our nose here Folks. Let’s instead go back to root and use critical thinking in the case of the Chicken Cop in the Florida Shooting.

As in all False Flag shootings, there is a lot we will not know right off the bat. That is because most of the innocent authorities are coerced into Non Disclosure Agreements, either by force or by threat. Then the general public is left in the dark as to what really happened. It is hoped by the perpetrators that they are able to get their mews headlines then all is left for the next hundred years for the truth to come out.

Let us assume the same is happening here. Here is what we do know about the school resource officer. He is a he. He was at retirement age. He was the only one on duty. He wears a uniform and he has a radio. Now what we are not sure about is the early rumors that he was sent off campus prior to the shooting.

Suddenly yesterday we are told the Sheriff went ape-shit when he saw the video of the cop being outside during the shooting.

Here are my questions about this.

1. What does the cop say? At this point not a word, not even from his family. Gee, how odd.

2. Why is the Sheriff surprised after eight days to suddenly ask, “Where was the Cop?” and find out he was outside. Isn’t that strange? I would think the first question out of his mouth when hearing of the shooting would be, “What’s the status of the Resource Cop? Anybody heard from him? Whats he say.”

3. Is it possible that he was away or outside at the time the shooting began, called it in and was told to stand down and report intel for the en route Swat team?

4. Surely there are recorded attempts to communicate between the dispatcher and that cop’s radio. I wonder what was said?

5. Otherwise we must assume he went outside and disrobed from his uniform while signing his resignation papers, right?

6. Is it possible that he got the standard NSA finger in his face to never say a word about the event, to keep his family quiet and “They” will let his pension go through while he takes the heat off the Alphabets?

You decide. But at least lets not be too hasty here.

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