• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Regarding Roy Potter.

Obviously, in our culture, many factions are fighting each other. Missle's towards Hawaii, shootings in Vegas and Florida, pro Trump/anti Trump, goes on and on.

I watched a video questioning Roy Potter/Montagraph (who I haven't listened to directly) and his anti Q motives. I have listened to many of Roy's videos and innately liked him thinking him a good guy with just enough foibles to match Jim Costas humor index.

But, now, with all that is going on...I think i am going to take a step back from Roy and view him with your well advised 'discernment' caution. The alliance insider who has just bubbled up recommended to 'withdraw' into yourself...not taking all the disinfo so seriously. The insider is also not a big fan of Q.

Lately, for me, that is probably the direction I go in, for now, until actions and circumstances dictate. I am going to keep working on my spirit, my family, my faith and my work and, of course, see what Jim Costa is up to. All the Best, Mike

Response: Your final sentence says it all Mike. That is where I am. I see a pattern now from Potter. He continually says to not use Q as your only news source and to use critical thinking at all times. This I very much agree with. As far as news, I don't see Potter actually delivering any the past month or two. My problem is that Trump still has no visible points on the board. Until he does, I cannot say that the war is being won. That leave me fearful for the masses. I think I would have been better off if I hadn't seen the recent movie Darkest Hour about Winston Churchill being honest with the citizens of England when he became Prime Minister. I wish us all the best.

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