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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Booed Bix’s Perfect Cryptos.

Yesterday I herd the Good Guys Are Preparing America For A Major Economic Transition: Bix Weir interview. I found it most compelling and interesting. It was right up there with most of Bix’s analysis. Then I reviewed the comments posted and was stunned. The vast majority of them were outright nasty and were intended to destroy the man.

At first I thought it was mostly shills out to dissuade readers from believing in cryptocurrency and going out and purchasing some. When I woke up this morning I felt that perhaps a lot of the negative comments are coming from fear – fear that the reset may be pushed off for another twenty years or so. Here is why that may be their problem.

Bix has always exhibited two characteristic habits: First, he shoots from the hips on his analysis. He sources the Road To Roota cartoon and then interjects his interpretation and analysis. For the most part, I usually agree with his original thoughts.

Secondly, he is always “All In” on his interpretations. There is no compromise in him. It is all “A” or “B”, never “A & B”. And it is this characteristic that may have riled some of the commentators.

Bix suggests that the financial collapse and reset cannot occur until we have a perfect currency system in place; that gold and silver will not work, as he once thought, due to its non-availability and weight. Therefore, he now believes that the cryptocurrency is the true, perfect and long term solution. He says that it’s in its infancy and may be a few years before it can be utilized to allow the collapse to occur and not destroy all of society in the process. He believes the Cryptos are the soft landing for the reset.

This delay is what may have upset some of us as we are anxious for the reset now and not later.

With that having been said, let me share with you what Bix might have added in the interview or perhaps where he may arrive at in the near future. Consider these points of discussion:

1. The original plan has been for the U.S. Treasury to replace the Federal Reserve Notes with Gold/Oil Backed Dollars. This can still be done today and replaced at a later date when the Cryptos are vastly improved for a smoother banking operation.

2. Those Dollars above can be used by street merchants today with the crude Cryptos of today used immediately in major interregional business.

3. Countries can nationalize their banks to insure check routing and money transfers then slowly switch over to cryptos. Those banks would devoid themselves of all the large speculation business that banks currently do and focus entirely on currency flow.

If we focus on all of these options we can reset the system sooner rather than years later. We can transcend from a survival system to a more perfected perfected system that can take us out into the galaxy. But we need not wait twenty years to do so.

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