• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Just Say It!

It has been another frustrating week for me. I keep thinking that Trump is finally going to come out and say there is a war ongoing for this country. Yet again he has failed to do so.

My concern is that he may be assassinated, war may break out in the Middle East which will involve us, we may end up in a nuclear war with N. Korea, or the Cabal brings down the financial system. If any one of these should occur then all that Trump appears to have accomplished will all be for naught. There were never any points put on the scoreboard and his advancements will become lost and forgotten in the fog of chaos. This is my fear.

Yesterday we are told that two White House employees have resigned because they were both accused of being abusive years ago in their first marriages. Trump just took two more hits that could have been avoided. Had he declared war earlier, those mosquito mistakes (in comparison to Hillary's transgressions) would have never taken men off the front line of the war. I say this because Trump has to announce what the true game is really about and focus on that and that only. Cutting a ribbon for a new project to be completed in five years does not matter. Winning the war for our country to survive does. For god's sake President Trump, just say it!

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