• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. David’s Fighting Chance.

We now find ourselves in one of the strangest fights, one unparalleled in history. We are in a civil war in the U.S. which also holds the fate of the entire world. As the U.S. goes so will the rest of the planet. This is a thousand fold more impacting than our first Civil War. In it the combatants would later impact the slaves in one way or another. This Civil War will impact all of humanity.

There are some of us that feels Trump is our great savior sent from heaven on our behalf; to perhaps be our greatest leader. Others of us are not so sure. He may turn out to be just a man with faults and baggage as we all have.

To me he is our David sent from heaven, and he has already almost won. The bible’s David gave his people a fighting chance simply by his taking the field. In doing so he lured the mighty Goliath out from the protection of his fellow army and entered the ring alone. That gave David’s country at least a fighting chance at success, albeit a long shot, but at least a fighting chance.

Trump has done the same. For the first time in a thirty years, if not centuries, the Deep State is being forced out into the open theater of battle. Although they are mighty and strong, and knowing that most wars destroy the very thing they are fought over, at least go forward knowing we now have them out in the open for all to see – we have a fighting chance.

It may appear that Trump is all alone in this fight but that is not correct. The world is watching and observing. If Trump fails he at least will awaken the masses to take up his sword and continue the fight. At lease we have a fighting chance now.

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