• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Dem Dem’s Future Is mighty Dim.

Here’s my humble take on the DNC – it’s over.

When Obama ran for his second term he broke their bank. Hillary pumped it back up but then drained it. In the end months of her campaign she went where no one else had gone before. She sucked all of the State chapters’ money as well, with the intention of fund raising as our new president.

So now I understand that the Republicans have a war chest for the 2018 election of $20 Million nad the DNC has just $200 Thousand. They fired their Fund Raiser two months ago. Last week The DNC CEO jumped ship. Now mind you all of this is happening while all of the state chapters are flat broke.

If a wealthy Democrat handed them a billion dollars today I still don’t think it would save them. Here's why. They are demoralized. A new CEO would require at least a month to come up to speed with the new job; same too with a new fund raiser. Any Democratic wannabes for 2018 need financing now, or at least the commitment of funding down the line. And this the DNC cannot give. Then on top of that I feel their donors are no longer motivated to throw money down the deep hole they are in. Even if money came in, I can’t see experienced volunteers being there to accept it.

All I can say is the only way the Democrats can control Congress depends on if more that two Republican Congressmen stand near each other, or heaven forbid, all ride a train together.