• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. What’s Not In The Memo.

After you read the Memo, take a deep breath, sit back, clear your mind, and ask yourself, “What one thing did it say?”

What I get is that there was an organized group at the FBI and DOJ that acted illegally to advance Hillary and destroy Trump, both during the election and afterward. That Per Se is Treason.

Now let’s assume that was just a photo of one event. If it is indicative of a thousand other roaches in the woodwork, this is what we need to look at:

* JFK was assassinated. Was the FBI & DOJ playing sides in that as well by hiding evidence, say for 75 years?

* Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma Bombing of the FBI Building? Was the FBI & DOJ involved or complicit in those as well?

* Las Vegas Shootings a few months ago? Was the FBI and DOJ complicit in that crime as well?

* We already know the FBI and DOJ actively framed the Bundys in their ranch standoff and we now see how that trial ended.

My conclusion is these organizations are running a Protection & Strong Arm service for the elites. I read a month ago an FBI employee that did drug testing was herself on drugs which causes all of her evidence over the years to be thrown out. If these agencies are truly in the Protection and Blackmail and /or character assassination business, how many other cases over the years need to be thrown out for possible criminal tampering?

I almost feel that both organizations need to be closed down. Start a new one, go through the hiring and vetting process, and if nothing else, let the others loose their pensions in the process. Top management has destroyed the entire organizations. There are many current and past employees that need to be shot for treason.

Your thoughts?


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