• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Conflicted Game.

Each week I participate in a Conflicted Game sponsored by a local Prepper website. It causes one to go deep inside yourself for your ethics in an upside down chaotic world.

Recently this was the Question asked:

If we go through chaos and return to the Constitution, what four things would you change to the Constitution or legal system?

My Answer was:

1. All Jurors must be informed of their right to nullify any law before them that they deem unconstitutional. This would then be used as a precedent by other jurisdictions in ending laws.

2. Empty all jails of prisoners that have not directly harmed another human being.

3. Restore the State rights to revoke corporate charters if a corporation no longer serves the state.

4. Create term limits on political offices.

5. Release Grand Juries from control of the state or federal Attorney Generals, making them once again independent.

I suggested the revoking of corporate charters. I would like to expand on that now.

That was a right by a government to not only issue the right of being a corporation but to end that right if the corporation no longer served the good of the state. Over the past hundred years that right has eroded to a non-used right. Today corporations are closed only if you fail to pay a small tax to the state.

But let’s play what-If here. Let’s assume a corporation moves into criminal activity. Let ‘s assume it is a used car lot that goes to a town that has had a nuclear reactor accident, where all the residents moved because of radioactive damage to all property there, including abandoned there. They imported all those cars and cleaned them up then are selling them. Without a doubt they will kill the owners (and their neighbors) within seven years.

If we also assume that the car lot is chartered as a Delaware corporation but is also chartered as a “Foreign” corporation in Virginia. What happens if the Virginia Foreign Corporate Charter is revoked?

First of all, the car lot can no longer be treated as a corporation in Virginia (only). That means they will be treated as a partnership and not given the protection of a corporation.

Folks, this is a big deal! Stockholders and Corporate officers, as a general rule, cannot be sued for what the corporation does. However, ALL partners of a partnership are liable for all damages caused by that partnership! This is a deathblow to an unscrupulous business. So to reinstate the state right would cause every corporation to do some fast self examination on their business practices, thus changing the business climate overnight. Think about it.