• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Replication.

This rant is about the sudden Walmart’s closing of 40% of their Sam’s Club stores (240 stores). The closing was announced yesterday then last night all employees discovered they were locked out of the immediately closed stores.

My true thought is that Walmart has been in trouble for about two years and this is the result – they have to pull back on stores. However, let me play the devil’s advocate here. There just may be another reason for the store closings. Sooner or later someone will suggest this so let me be the first idiot to suggest it.

We have heard many stories that suggest Walmart has a special relationship with the government, especially in the area of availability to turn stores over to the government if requested. Let’s assume this is true. Is it possible that the government suddenly has an emergency in the country that requires 240 existing buildings?

Their use could be for storage depots for the military (buildings and parking lots). They might also be converted into Military Investigators and prosecutor offices and/or Tribunal buildings. The main feature of these buildings is the minimum number of entrances to control. Another advantage of these buildings is that one blueprint can be used to remodel all of them quickly without awaiting demolition work first.

So what could be in it for Walmart? We all recognize that retail sales are down low in our depressed economy. Walmart draws hefty lease fees from the government for two years. Later when the economy is booming they can reopen those Sam’s Clubs again.

Again I am not suggesting this is probable but it is possible. It will be interesting to see if the stores remain dormant or house construction work.

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