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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Had Enough, I think.

Yesterday was the pits for me. Because of all these riddle games being played I used up all my alloted Internet time until Thursday. This week I cannot play videos properly. To hear a ten minute one takes about an hour, yielding three words at a time.

I went into panic trying to translate for you working stiffs the news reports coming from those youtubes trying to determine if we were indeed at Defcon 1. I panicked because I knew many of you could not listen to them until you got home. As it turned out, yesterday may have just been a bad accident in riddle playing.

If you have seen Col. Roy Potter’s 8 minute rant from the night before you may surmise where I am headed. He raised hell with Q, B and Trump himself stating: Enough of these riddles. We no longer need them. We need for Trump to tell America the truth!

I agree. I am tired of constantly surfing seeking out the latest Sather, Potter, or whoever live stream to just get more riddles. I am tired of living in a liar’s reality world. I am tired of having to continue to guess what is real and not real before I post it.

I am taking off this afternoon and returning to see the movie, Darkest Hour. I am drawn to it because Churchill inspires me by being so blunt, direct and to the point in his actions. Instead of fearing the citizens of England he told them the truth so they could unite and get to work. I think it is time that Trump be just as honest with his followers - his partners. God knows the Cabal already knows what he is up to!

In the meantime, I may slow down on my postings of the riddles and focus more on just the facts. I am too tired to continue to do both.

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