• Jim Costa

Note From Jim.

It is high noon, CST. All is quiet out there unless you want the latest on the Bannon / Trump dog and pony show.

My Internet service has slowed me way down until Thursday so I am enjoying the slowdown in surfing.

A few weeks ago QAnon hinted at the numbers: 4, 10, 20. Some felt that was dates in January for large news stories. If that is correct, the biggest news story on Jan. 4th was the Voter Fraud hand-off to the DHS. As far as the 20th, keep in mind that China will begin circulating their new gold backed Yuan on the 18th. Could the 20th news story be an announcement as a result of the Chinese move? Perhaps a Gold-backed Dollar from the Treasury? Or could it be a global reset? Who knows?

That leaves the 10th to predict. I recall Trump hinting that he was going after the Main Street News on Monday the 8th. Your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned Folks.

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