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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Who’s On The Bench and Who’s On Voter Fraud First Base?

Today the investigative commission created by Trump to investigate voter fraud was shut down by Trump and it’s duties transferred to the Department of Homeland Security. According to it’s announcement, it was done to prevent the Democrats from blocking the investigations by injunctions and lawsuits. See: Article

Something doesn’t feel right about this. One would normally think this investigation would be handed off to the FBI or DOJ. Is Trump firing those Alphabets and creating a new FBI-2 or DOJ-2? Homeland Security is not noted for lots of attorneys or investigators.

Recall that General Kelly, the current White House Chief of Staff, ran DHS for nine months until he was placed in the White House. Then the woman (a retired Marine General) who was his second in command at DHS was given the senior job at DHS. Thus one might say that the Pentagon is now reviewing the voter fraud issue. All of this will be done while the two varsity Alphabet teams (DOJ & FBI) are sitting on the bench.

Call me crazy but It has been my contention that the U.S. is now under Military Law (Junta) and is partnered with Trump in the White House. If this is so, then:

A) The lawsuits will indeed stop because under Martial Law, the Military is the law. The Constitution is placed on hold during that time.

B) I still believe that the DHS has no staff of attorneys and investigators to do the work of the FBI and DOJ. So one of two things will happen:

1. Members of the DOJ and FBI will jump ship and join the DHS.

2. And/Or there will be no investigations and criminal arrests! I say this because there is no time for all of this to be done in time to give the citizens confidence in the November 2018 voting process. There is no time.

I believe the Pentagon run DHS will bulldoze the entire 50 state voting system within a few months. They will, outside of Congress, remove all electronic voting systems, go to paper ballots, go to Voter IDs, go to inking of thumbs, etc., with elections under the supervision of the Military.

One thing is for sure, there is terror running through the CABAL, the DOJ and the FBI this weekend.

Call me crazy Folks, but that is what I see.

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