• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Churchill.

I have been dying the past few weeks from the respiratory crud going nationwide. Saturday I was well enough to control the coughing so I went to see the movie, Darkest Hour. I was shocked to see the theater packed; felt I was the only one that would go. I highly recommend you go. It was an inspiring look into history.

The thing about Churchill was that he was terribly direct and honest – to a word. I once read that two years after the war he was invited to give a graduation speech to a boys academy he had attended in his youth. The church was packed with journalists from all over the world waiting to write about every word he had to say.

The direct man slowly moved to the podium and gave the following speech, in full, before retiring to his seat. “Don’t ever, ever, ever give up!” Now that’s direct.

But I must share a scene in which he was summoned to the Palace one morning by the King, who detested him. The meeting was extremely cold, with neither taking a seat. The king was shocked when the butler handed him a tumbler of brandy which he gulped down. The king asked, “How can you drink in the morning? Churchill responded, “Practice.”


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