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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Shy Bladders & Capture The Flag.

We are now in a space of time in which everything in our reality is rapidly changing.

Take for instance the monthly deluge of news we are now getting, such as all the, “This is the first time that. . . “

* Caterpillar company has had shrinking world sales for 60 straight months;

* The stock market just went up 7,000 straight days without a loss;

* The most expensive company to own is Amazon and yet it has never shown a profit;

* Fire Insurance companies are fleeing California;

* We with shy bladders have trouble peeing in bathroom stalls because a micro- chip is watching us to see if we are finished so it can flush for us.

Earlier this week I listened to a Tracy Beanz interview with a guest specializing in researching the meanings of the insider “Q’s” cryptic posts. He mentioned that things are changing so fast that many people are almost “autistic” or obsessed with searching for the truth about events to see how it changes their reality. I completely understand where he is coming from.

When certain news stories break that may be a false flag operation, I post the story without comment. I try to hold off comments for a day or so waiting for the “Autistics” to do their thing. They are the pros that analyze every aspect of the story; add unnoticed details; analyze the audio and videos for tampering. After they scour the story than I am confident as to what may be facts. It’s all one can do when living in a world of liars.

That same guest relayed this story – another first. A few weeks ago a woman, with a foreign name, uploaded a live stream (video just showing what the camera sees). The video only showed a white flag flying with the sky as a background. No land scenes showed. There had been no description or audio given; just the flag and sky in real time. In fifty-five hours the picture changed as someone was seen removing the white flag and replacing it with a colored one.

Until the “Autistics” got to it, IDed the IP address, pinpointed the IP location and found someone in the neighborhood, the world had no idea it had been challenged to the world’s largest ever Capture The Flag game!

Merry Christmas Folks!

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