• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: Exculpatory

Judge Navarro just declared a mistrial in the Bundy trial. She said the government withheld exculpatory evidence. For us idiots that means that the government cheated in every way possible so the Bundy's would lose.

See: exculpatory - adjective absolve, absolve of fault, absolve of liability, absolve of wrongdoing, acquit, clear, clear from, clear from a charge, clear from imputation of fault, clear from liability, clear of blame, clear of guilt, clearing, declare not guilty, excuse, exonerate, free, free from blame, justify, liberate, tending to absolve, tending to clear, tending to pardon, tending to prove guiltless, tending to prove not guilty, tending to set free, tending to vindicate Associated concepts: exculpatory clause, exculpatory evidence

Burton's Legal Thesaurus,

4E. Copyright © 2007 by William C. Burton. Used with permission of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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