• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Regarding Ms. Edmonds Video.

Jim, Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do! I have to differ with Ms. Edmonds about voting. Unless you couple our votes with a determined prosecution of all of the electronic vote theft, dead people voting and buses of people voting numerous times, our voting will be for naught.

After Alabama, the recounts in Detroit that were prematurely curtailed because so many bogus votes were counted, the illegal aliens voting in California and the tactic of not even counting military votes...we will continue to vote and still lose when the Deep State decides it is in their best interest to manipulate the counts.

The Deep State, the GOPe and the Dems are all in on it. If they weren't , they would be raising hell. Ms. Edmonds is a Patriot and courageous but if Trump doesn't act on this, we will continue to see the American people treated as slaves. All the best! Mike

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