• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: Wild News Update Today.

Wild news day already folks. Col. Roy Potter points out that last night the Cabal has tried to do a character assassination on “Q”, which is hard to do being that no one knows for sure who the character is in the first place! But the Cabal is putting up fake “Q” posts with German swastikas all in it.

Now we hear that the most powerful news caster at NBC has just been fired for a faulty zipper. We are talking about Matt Lauer, the highest paid personality in TV news. This makes how many dead news casters now? Morning Joe spent a half hour singing the Matt Lauer good-ole-boy praises.

Joe Scarabrough pointed out that the women stepping forward contagion is now spreading to politicians, captains of industry and soon to be the tech industry. What he fails to mention is that it is spreading by design; it’s not an airborne virus. We are indeed seeing the take down of the Cabal’s rich and famous and their paid spokesmen. Yesterday Michael Rivero said that Roy Moore is clearly pointing out the end of the Main Street News Media by surviving the character assassination attempt on him by the press yet he is still winning his political race. The MSNM has lost its mojo in steering the public's mind; they are dying. You could see the terror on Joe's face.

A final note came from Roy Potter’s podcast today near its end. He said that if you view the global Cabal as a nation state, it would be THE largest nation state. That is why the fight is moving slowly.

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