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The Score From Jim:

Sunday Afternoon: Retired Col. Roy Potter, a reputable source over the years, said he saw no outside evidence that a Marine force entered the CIA building at Langley.

He also said he heard that there were now 1,800 indictments outstanding.

He also says that the CIA and FBI are now one connected entity that is foreign controlled, and must be stopped by the military.

He also said heads up this week as something is likely to happen.

Sunday Evening: Jordan Sather, another reputable source, said there was no confirmations of the Marines entering Langley.

He said he has seen two new pictures of Hillary wearing a boot and one new picture of John McCain in a wheel chair wearing a boot.

He also has heard of 1,800 indictments and suggests something big may happen this week.

This morning Benjamin Fulford posted that there was an invasion into CIA headquarters, in particular, going after the section that controls the news media.

He mentions the same rumors of 2,000 indictments and says heads up for this week.

Therefore, two sources suggest no attack on the CIA whereas Fulford says yes. Note that Fulford had another 12 hours of possible intel over the other two.

So this is where we are this morning.

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