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Jim’s Rant For The Day. $9.6?

I keep hearing that the price paid for the bogus “PP Report” about Trump Peeing in his bed was $9.6 Million. We are told now that it was most definitely paid for by the DNC and Clinton Campaign.

It appears what stirred the pot this week is the attempt to subpoena the bank records of Fusion GPS, the author of the bogus report. Once the threat to look at the books was made suddenly we are told it was Hillary. Why was she given up so quickly?

I have some burning questions stuck in my craw, “Why $9.6 Million for a fantasy report?” Why not $600,000? Who set that price? Was it agreed upon up front or was the original price $600,000 and the rest was blackmail / hush money?

Surely Fusion GPS is not worried about the DNC now filing extortion charges against the. All they have to say is the increase was “partnership hush money’ because of the increased heat from the investigators. Besides if Hillary is dead in the water on this one her firing a shot at Fusion GPS will in no way help her. So no, they are not fearful of extortion charges.

So what terrorized the elite to so quickly name Hillary? I suspect it is the lesser of two evils here. It is OK to say, “That’s just politics so let the children play and move on, nothing more to see here folks.” Otherwise, we might discover that the $9.6 was agreed upon up front for the normally $600,000, price range report as a means to launder the $9 Million balance.

I suspect Clinton & the DNC paid out 9.6 to Fusion GPS then someone/person received back a donation for the balance, perhaps even a hit man. This was just a means to launder money and cheat some more in the process. That is what the elite fear, that news getting out. Of course this is just conjecture on my part but it is possible, isn’t it?

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