• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: Re. Vegas

Many readers have shared videos regarding the Las Vegas shooting. I appreciate them but am afraid to post them. I have moved back to watching the bigger picture and am afraid of getting bogged down by the Roman Circus being shown us. Below is a response I sent to one such reader last night.

Thanks for the information John. It is indeed perplexing. However, I am reluctant to post it.

My feelings is that the BS threshold has already been reached by the FBI, especially from Friday's statement by the Sheriff that the purpose of the investigation is not to build a legal case but rather to calm the public. I am fearful that the Cabal is now trying to plant a lot of fake stories to make the alternate news media look foolish, like the story that the FBI puppet master in LA is married to John Podesta's daughter; not true.

With the world now seeing that there is more than one shooter, the cover up is now in the forefront so why risk going down possible rabbit holes. But thanks again.

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