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Jim's Rant For The Day. Best Cheapest Survival Food.

I recently posted a Rant suggesting that if needed, a person could survive for a period of time on rice only for a cost of $22 for three months (or $7 per month). Then I received this from a reader:

Dear Jim: Rice has protein, but not all 8 essential amino acids. When consumed with beans or other legumes, you get all 8. The POW's and anyone else that subsists on mainly rice are going to lose a lot of muscle mass as their body cannibalizes their muscles for the other needed amino acids. That's why most Asians used to be skinny.

Response: If a Prepper is not only concerned about survival but is also concerned about not losing muscle tone, then consider investing in $20 per month in just beans and rice, if you are flat broke. This is the cheapest you will survive AND look great in that new Speedo bathing suit!

The Protein In Rice and Beans - This article suggests for protein needs, eat 6 cups of beans weekly. When combined with rice, perfect protein is yielded. This equates to a half of a 16 oz can of beans daily, or 15 cans per month.

Facts / Assumptions:

* Can of Black Black Beans if 15 ounces; cost: 65 cents; Contains 2.25 cups.

* 50 Lb Bag of uncooked rice: Cost: $15 at Sam’s Club; Yields 300 cups of Cooked Rice.

* Calories per Cup of:

Beans - 192

Cooked Rice: 213

Calories Provided:

Beans per day: 192 1 cup

Rice Per day: 1,278 6 cups

Total Daily Calories: 1,470

(Note: Less than 1,200 calories per day is considered starving; Ideal would be 2,000 calories per day)

One Month Cost of Rice & Beans:

Beans (½ cup/can per Day) $10

Rice (6 cups per day) 9 (1 lb uncooked rice per day)

Rounding 1


Monthly Cost: $20

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