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Rice Insurance - How long Can You Hold Your Breath?

Rice is probably the most staple food on the planet. This is probably because of the calories it delivers, that when served with beans it creates protein, easily stored, cheaply cooked, and is dirt cheap. Rice rules!

Before we go further let’s examine some fun filled facts about rice:

Cost: $15 per 50 Lb. Bag of long grain at Sam’s Club.

Cups of cooked rice per Lb.: 6

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes at low heat.

Shelf Life: Years stored in its shipping bag. Forever is repacked in mylar bags with an oxygen depriver.

Note: Never rinse off the nutrients sprayed on the rice.

Now let’s talk. Just what does this have to do with your Prepper group you might ask, especially if you are already prepped. Let me ask you this, “How long can your group hold its breath underwater if it had to in order to survive?” What if your plans go awry and you end up with many more mouths to feed? What if you planned to feed yourselves for X months and later discover you must survive for

X + 6 months?

Well, cheer up, you can purchase inexpensive insurance to cover those possible shortfalls – rice.

In Episode 7 of Ken Burns’ series The Vietnam War, an American 4 year POW survivor said that they survived on only 3 cups of rice per day. If we assume that was cooked rice then that means one 50 LB bag of rice can feed one adult for 100 days or three months, at a cost of just $15.

Math: 50 lbs X 6 cups per LB / 3 cups per day = 100 Days

Now keep in mind that the above is barely surviving subsistence. To go deluxe simply double the rice provided, increasing the cost to $30 per adult per 3 months. Now I admit it would be a bland boring diet if not supplemented with vegetables, but it would be survivable and that is our main concern here.

The bottom line is that your group can store rice at an average cost of $22 per adult per 3 month survival rations for any contingency that may arise. Now that’s cheap insurance in a chaos situation!

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