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Beans – The Musical Fruit

I noticed that our local Sam’s club now stocks 50 lb. bags of dried Pinto beans for $28. They never carried them before. I had planned on purchasing several next month for our prepping supplies.

I already have several 5 gallon buckets of them. But then I decided to do an analysis on dried pinto beans.

They are needed because when beans are served with rice, they yield protein.

Then I discovered that they require cooking for an average of 2 hours. In a grid down situation, that is a lot of fuel, along with exposure of smoke and smells that may telegraph neighbors what’s for supper.

Finally I concluded that for the same price or a lot less than some prices, you can buy canned beans that are fully cooked and store about 40 years. This may be a better choice for most preppers.

Dollar General 15 oz can, Fully Cooked Cost: $0.67; 4.0 Cents per Oz (per 50 lbs: $32)

Sam’s Club 50 lbs Bag, dry & Uncooked. Cost: $28; 3.5 cents per Oz. (per 50 lbs: $28)

Augason Farms 5 Gal. bucket, 41 lbs., Uncooked. Cost: $85 13.0 cents per Oz. (per 50 lbs: $104)

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