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Note From Jim: Re: Football & Dr. Phil.

One reader on the forum I posted to yesterday said she missed my point about the nickers. Let me be more to the point with you. Some questions do not have a right or wrong answer to them. Such a question might be how much blue an artist should use. That probably depends on what the artist wants to convey and that is a personal thing. So too, in my writings this week, I am not trying to steer ya’ll in one direction, as it depends on what you yourself intend to convey.

However, what I am pointing out is that we have killed far too many of our species for simply choosing more or less blue. Below is my answer to that other forum reader.


First let me clarify something. All my comments this week have nothing to do with the football debate. It has only to do with a personal decision to say or not say the pledge of Allegiance. The footballers & fans must decide the football issue for themselves.

Sometimes we do things out of habit, social mores, upbringing and culture that we don't really think through. Sometimes things change on us and we don't acknowledge it, such as the persons that brought luggage to the deck on the Titanic and wouldn't let it go.

Sometimes the world changes on us and we have to decide how we feel about that and how we are going to react. The good thing about habits is we don't have to think about them, we just follow through. Then suddenly one day we perhaps should rethink them to determine if they still serve us.

I read a business book once in which the author said that if you don't think your business has problems then you haven't looked at it lately. Things are constantly in change - be aware of that and govern yourself accordingly.

Another mind experiment: Let's assume we were a peasant in the French Revolution. We are storming the Bastille government compound, full of anger and at the same time, full of fear of death or failure. We want our country back. We want what we believe is fair and the way we thought it should be.

Suddenly the French Allegiance music is played. Do we stand and place our hand over our heart or do we continue to charge? Do we show respect or do we do the dirty work to maintain that which we respect? Is it possible that there could be more than just one way to show one's love and respect for one's country? Is it possible?

Nathan Hale said, "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.". What does that really mean to us?

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