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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Football and Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil says we all have about ten Defining Moments in our lives that make us who we are. I admit that I am screwed up. Being the extreme avid reader that I have always been, there are perhaps a hundred such moments for me, such as the following. Below is a post I made today on another forum.


I have never watched football as I felt guilty when attending night school for wasting study time on it. Never got over that. However I do respect the upset viewers’ angst. As I said above, we each must do soul searching to define who we really are.

Let me share this experience with you. Around the age of fifteen I read a book about the Battle Of Britain and its impact on the citizens. An apartment building was on fire from the night bombing and two teenage sisters, one 16 and one 18, were trapped on an upper floor about to die. Rescuers slid an extended ladder from the neighboring apartment building as a bridge. The girls could crawl to safety.

The eighteener went first. She had to tuck her nightgown under her panty waist in order to crawl over the ladder. She made it. The sixteener refused to try. After much arguing she revealed her biggest fear was that the firemen would see her knickers! She finally realized the fire was much worse than manners and propriety and saved herself.

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