• Jim Costa

Note To Readers: Back In The Saddle Again.

I was told to expect to be sick with the shingles for 2 to 3 weeks. Today is my eighth day. When I got up this morning I was no longer contagious. Overnight 90% of the discomfort went away and I got my energy back. It felt so good to go out in the sun that I cut the grass for two hours then ran errands. My biggest fear never materialized; I only lost sleep the first night.

I must admit, the shingles was not nearly as uncomfortable/painful as explaining to my wife the details about the unaccounted for $3.

I wish to thank all of you who emailed me. The advice perked me up although I was too exhausted to research it all. What especially cheered me up was the comments regarding the website. I really needed that. It does get me down at times reading all of the frightening articles out there. I probably needed the break the past week along with your emails, thoughts and kind words. Thank you.

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