• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Cheap Prepper Food.

This one is for Preppers only. Below is a way to stockpile food cheaply for your family. No matter if you believe a collapse will occur quickly or that things will descend slowly over time, this method will work for you. Everything is chosen for long term storage.

With his method you can figure $200 to $250 per adult for a three month supply. Cut that in half for small kids.

Consider that cans of vegetables will survive overnight without refrigeration and can be eaten the next day. Plan on mostly soups or spaghetti meals as they require the less fuel to prepare, especially for a large family. The rice can be stored in the 50 lb. Bags the come in. The noodles can be stored in a large plastic storage container to protect from rats. If you want, seal the rim with duct tape.

Read or Download as a PDF file at the end of this article: Sam's Club Food

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