• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Toothless Tiger.

Quick note as I head out the door. This is what I think the past week means.

North Korea has made the list of nuclear nations. They were assisted and are guarded by China. China’s goal is to block the U. S. from retaliating on N. Korea for disobeying the U.S. command to remain subservient.

Venezuela is grasping for life and in doing so must disconnect from the Petrodollar. This places them in the Russian circle and accordingly, Russia has warned the U. S. if they invade Venezuela, as they have done to all other countries that have dumped the Petrodollar, Russia will be at war with the U. S.

It has been suggested that the U. S. Navy told congress that the two rammed destroyers were the fault of the U. S. and occurred because the Navy Personnel are real busy on duty and because of budget cuts.

In total, all of this adds up to a probe by Russia and China to see if the tiger has any teeth left. Is the Petrodollar dead? Is the enforcement of the Petrodollar ending? Is the powerful U.S. Navy still powerful? Stay tuned Folks!

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