• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: If you Are A Prepper . . .

Canned Hams In a nutshell: Bristol 1 lb. Canned Hams can be purchased 66% off regular price at the Dollar stores. Cost: $3.25 at Dollar General and Family Dollar (20 cents per oz.) Cost: $10.00 at Amazon (before freight) Storage: Room Temperature Life: Best used by Jan 2022. Life of 40+ years. Fully Cooked. Advantage: If you intend to serve meat, this is 100% meat; not diluted with gravy & potatoes as in a can of stew. Note: Refrigerated Canned Hams in the meat section of grocery stores are half cooked and only have a refrigerated life of 9 months. They are packed in plastic cans verses the long term tin cans of the fully cooked Bristol hams.

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