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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Pork Chop Hill.

In 1959 I was eleven years old, buck toothed and skinny, just discovering books that would open my world view, and at times, still playing with olive colored toy soldiers.

One Saturday I walked three miles to the movie theater to watch the latest war movie out, Pork Chop Hill. It had lots of action, blood and guts to inspire me. That afternoon I was in the front yard in my blue jeans, its cuffs rolled up three times because I was a midget and its knees torn before that was a fad. I was kneeling over a sand pile setting the GIs up and knocking them down, as any good general would do.

But as the years progressed I began to read more and all the above began to change over time, other than I am still a midget. At about fourteen I saw that same movie on TV but noticed this time it was not the same movie I had seen before. Now it was about a hill that was contested during the peace talks of the Korean war. GIs kept rushing up the hill only to be repelled by the Chinese, then under orders, again would rush the hill top. After several days of this fighting it became obvious how it got it’s name; it was littered with meat.

Towards the end of the movie the Americans took the hill but now found themselves fortified somewhat on its crest but running out of the where with all to defend themselves. They knew they would soon be overrun and dead.

The scene then showed generals discussing the hill around a table top model of the hill. They all agreed it had no strategic value but must he held simply to protect the honor of the U. S. military. So fresh “calvary” troops were sent in to save the day. What a glorious ending.

My takeaway thought was of so many generals kneeling over a sand hill setting up their troops and knocking them down just for the honor of their military. There was no regard for the human suffering factored in.

Here we are again today after seventeen years of running up that same hill in Afghanistan but now about to make one “final” run to preserve the honor of a dying military giant for one last victory headline in the scrapbook.

Once again the generals have sold out a nation and its toy soldiers for ego.

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