• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Destroying Destroyers

Connecting the Dots:

1) two different ships both named ACX Crystal (one of Florida Maquis vids showed a port side view and then a starboard side view of obviously two different vessels both named ACX Crystal). Long bulbous mean-looking protrusion below waterline on the container ship(s), especially in the port view of the obviously newer "ACX Crystal."

2) bulbous protrusion below water line would make an ideal "invisible" torpedo gun.

3) OBVIOUSLY the destroyers have gaping holes in them - flooded rooms in seconds, missing and dead sailors.

CONCLUSION: asymmetric warfare on the US Navy using "container ships" by some entity.

WHO? Who hates the US navy the most? Many might guess China, but what about the deep state - trying to start WWIII between US and China using these attacks, or simply hitting back at Trump or his agenda, neither of which they like?

SOP. Stay

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