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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Tomorrow’s News.

It will be interesting to watch tomorrow’s Main Street Media News as they decry Trump for being responsible for the injured persons in the Charlottesville protest. I can hardly wait to watch them continue to spin the untruths in the face of videos that totally contradict their lies.

The two videos released today most clearly show the actual chain of events that occurred there. The first one shows the 20 year old Mr. Fields driving in the street at about twenty miles per hour when he was attacked by ANTIFA and/or Black Lives Matter protesters. They rushed his car from both sides and appear to be hitting it with bats. He appears to panic and speeds up, presumably to escape another Rodney King attack situation.

The second video shows his car hitting another vehicle from the rear, pushing it into the crowd in the street, causing many injuries. Another presumption might be that Fields was distracted by the attack and may have been searching the rear view mirror for more danger. But this is just a guess. After striking the car he reverses his direction.

Under Tort law, he who creates an emergency situation is responsible for all subsequent damages. Also under Tort law, he who is placed by another in an emergency situation cannot be held to a “reasonable man’s response” to that emergency. Plainly stated, when the adrenaline and fear hits, we all may do stupid things to protect ourselves. He would have been right had he stopped, got out and ran, just as he would be justified in hitting the gas much like a horse being struck on the rump with a whip and running in fear.

Therefore, the damages (responsibilities for injuries and death) are the fault of the attackers on the car that frightened young Mr. Fields.

Now here is the interesting twist that will never appear. Under the Felony Murder Rule, if ANYONE dies during the commission of a felony, all those associated with the commission of that felony are guilty of murder. This might entail all who went there armed.

But like I said, the darlings of the press, ANTIFA and BLM, will never be held to this standard. In fact, none of the above facts will ever make it to the daylight of TV. Just watch.

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