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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Two Edged Crypto Sword.

All week I have been putting off writing an article teaching how the crypto / block chain technology works. I was going to spend two days learning deeper on the subjects then provide a few Youtubes on the subject. But I just couldn’t seem to do it. This morning I told myself no outside work as I was going to research today and Saturday to get it done.

I had just finished reading one article when I ran across today’s video: BANKERS' NEW SDR CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN WILL ENSLAVE HUMANITY?? - Lynette Zang

She says evidence shows that the cryptos will morph into a crypto controlled by the Banksters to be used after the reset to own us all. She is most convincing. The problem is the technology is new and still evolving so we don’t know what it will eventually look like as it matures. This is much like the Ford model T ending up looking like a spaceship technology wise inside with phones, sound systems, back up cameras etc.

Clif High suggests the cryptos will take out the Cabal. Zang says it may and yet it may enslave us instead. So what’s a Mother to do.

If you wish to at least learn of the current technology, below are a few links my Crypto Guru, Mike Roman sent me. The one on Blockchain is probably the best to start with. Happy viewing.

Blockchain: Massively Simplified


How bitcoin works

The mastermind 1hr


my favorite - 58:15 onward

Ethereum blockchain 8 min


Ted massively simplified 22m

Evening with vitalik


Vitalik singularity


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