• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Fertilizer and More Shit.

The Main Street News is terrifying us with all this “We gotta nuke N. Korea now before they wipe us all out!”. However, rest assured that we will never nuke them. How can I be so sure? Let’s think our way through this together.

During the Korean War 3.5 Million persons died. I would dare say that 90% of those were blown up. That was the pattern then and therefore, that will be the same pattern again. Why? Because of the profits to the munition factories, that why.

The munition industry in the U. S. vastly expanded during WWII and got very rich. But after the war the business stopped. So they devirsefied into making fertilizer and ultimately giving us the current world of giant agrifarms today.

But you can believe the military industrial complex wants another blow-it-up war. The problem is if a nuke is used we show our Nuke secrets plus it will not generate the revenue by replacing just one nuke. How much does just one nuke cost? Probably not that much. The real cost is all the continual research, cost of secrecy, storage, etc. So again I suggest it will be a protracted war blowing up every tree in the jungle but not one nuke. Yep, the fertilizer people are trying to sell us just another pile of shit.

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