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Note From Jim: Recap of Clif High Interview

Be sure to watch the 50 minute interview with Clif High by Greg Hunter. Link

In the meantime, it is so important that I recapped it below.

2 Min: The strange politics we see in the U. S. is symptomatic of what is occurring all over the world and are the results of strange energies now hitting the earth. These energies will peak and begin to wane in November.

4 Min: Russia war – The U.S. elites wanting war are losing power worldwide and are losing. The Western republics are failing states that will no longer matter as the dollar dies. Therefore, their sanctions will no longer matter.

6 Min: Crypto coins will negate future sanctions as people & countries can do business in them without anyone knowing of the money flow. The Governments cannot tax those transactions so are losing their tax base and ability to control others.

8 Min: Dying Dollar. As Bitcoin goes up the dollar goes down. This is our best dollar gauge. This points out the real hyperinflation. The loss of dollar purchasing power is killing the Cabal.

10 Min: Silver will take off next year like rocket fuel. Within two years perhaps at several thousand dollars per ounce. Be careful of gold as there is far more of it than is revealed. Silver will always be scarce.

11 Min: The collapse of the dollar is similar to the collapse of the Greenback dollar after the Civil War when we had to go back to gold back money. This has happened before.

It has been ingrained into us to measure our reality by the dollar and this is rapidly changing.

12 Min: Gold and silver or no longer efficient money as compared to the crypto coins. The metals will still hold value but cannot spur economics as fast as the cryptos – the move instantly in comparison to moving metals, thus increasing the money flow and its benefits.

14 Min: Cryptos do not support a world of secrecy and lies; their transactions cannot easily be traced or altered. This will end criminal governments. The dying debt system is collapsing and many people are leaving it.

15 Min: Too much gold. 80 times than what we thought. Gold is a good store of value for the next 5 years.

20 Min: The new crypto ETFs are a scam and will not work to manipulate the crypto values.

22 Min: Silver prices will be set free by cryptos (needed for industrial PHYSICAL use). New exchanges are up now to help industries purchase physical for manufacturing – this cannot be manipulated by derivatives ETFs.

29 Min: Economic renaissance may dissipate the debt bubble as we change our realities; debt will not matter; may disappear. This will be caused from no longer using the dollar as a metric. This will destroy most governments. Entrepreneurs will no longer need banks or govt. officials

33 MIn: Governments cannot outlaw or control cryptos.

34 Min: Speed of cryptos. Why dollar is dying is because it flows too slow.

41 Min: Crash this fall? “We are having the crash now.” The DOW may go to 50,000 but will be meaningless. The crypto will explode into society in F eb. (causing the end of the dollar.

43 Min: Pension funds no longer work as they draw no interest. They will be replaced by cryptos as investment platforms.

44 Min: War Card. There will be a lot of minor wars but no big one with Russia or China. Our army is spent from years of war, shortage of cruise missiles, etc. If war with Russia or China, U. S. can only have one battle; war would only last 10 minutes.

46 Min: March to war. MSNM and Cabal is dying from lack of purchasing power. News media cannot continue to be paid to lie to people. The Cabal is dying in efforts to create and sell global war.

48 Min: The Cabal is trying to stop alternate media to stay alive. Loss of ad revenue is happening to all websites because advertisers are realizing INTERNET advertising does not pay off to advertisers in the long run. Even Google is losing ad revenue. The alt media is not going to die. The MSNM is dying because governments are losing the ability top steal Trillions of dollars from us.

50 Min: EMP of Fitzgerald.

55 Min: When will it collapse? Listen for yourself. He makes perfect sense.

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