• Jim Costa

Note From Jim.

There have been several stories by the MSN Media out this week that Mueller has convened a Grand Jury to go after Trump. According to Michael Rivero today, that is not true. Mueller used an existing grand jury to approve subpoenas only.

Rivero also says that the congress went on vacation today. However, there is a plan for the one senator to go into the senate daily and call for a meeting and then declaring there is no forum. This will prevent Trump from using the presidential power to appoint a cabinet member when congress in not in session.

Couple the Senate game with the Russian Sanction bill passed that takes away the President's power to modify or administer it, and the current bill being rushed through to take away Trump's power to fire Mueller we see a pattern building.

As Rivero says, we are seeing congress continually move to make the office of President powerless. As he says, "we are seeing a government at war with itself."

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