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Jim’s Rant For The Day. 314!

Please consider this as Elwood’s 18 month update.

We have all heard the joke about the new prison inmate eating his first meal in the silent chow hall. Suddenly someone hollered out, “314!”, and the hall erupted in laughter. The newby asked a tablemate what just happened? He was told that they have all heard the jokes a thousand times so they numbered them to save time. Upon prompting, the newby shouted, “64!”, but no one laughed. He looked at his tablemate who said, “Some people just can’t tell a joke.”

“Elwood", my Grand-Daughter, is now 18 months old. Let me tell you what she is up to now, but first an explanation is needed.

I ascribe to the idea that there are 4 basic personality types, that being:

Sanguine: The ditzy blond, life of the party person, Lucille Ball type, whose motto is, “Let’s do it the fun way.

Choleric: The bossy John Wayne type, who’s motto is, “Do it my way and now.”

Meloncholic: The neat freak, organizer of things type, whose motto is, “Do it the right way.”

Phlegmatic: The slow moving content couch sitter type, whose motto is, “Do it the easy way.

Of course, all of this is greatly simplified here. Then we can overlay these four basic personalities with physical appearance and mannerisms. Once combined, you can instantly tell the personality (and other things) about a total stranger. For more on this see: Spotting Personalities, a youtube seminar I put on explaining all of this.

Well, Elwood is a cross between the Choleric and the Sanguine. Several nights ago she flatly refused to get into her high chair at the table corner. She insisted on sitting in a center adult chair. We had to buy her a booster and now she is happy (Choleric).

We always kid around and laugh at dinner. Several nights ago she stopped eating, looked around at us all, slapped the table and screamed in laughter, which caused us all to laugh. Now she routinely tells a joke at the table (Sanguine). I can hardly wait ‘till she grows older and tells #314!

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