• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Shrimp Boil.

A few days ago Betty was craving boiled shrimp for dinner. I bought some and some shrimp boil spices. She was tired and I wanted to cook for her. She usually makes her own boil spices but she is not me when I cook.

Now mind you that here on the Gulf Coast I have been boiling shrimp for the past 50 years and haven’t burnt the first one yet. Well bless her heart, she was tuckered out from the Grand-Baby when I heard her say, “just boil them for three minutes until they turn pink.” It was then that I was inspired.

I told you of cutting the tip of my finger darn well off with the hedger last week remember? Well, the first two doctors warned me that the bone doctor they referred me to would make the call as to amputate or not. They said it would depend on the odor and if the tip was pink. Vwalla! Why let another determine one’s life, right?

Being that the tip is numb, just prior to my visit yesterday with the bone doctor, I boiled the tip in shrimp boil for just a minute and a half. What do doctors know, you know what I mean? He said it smelled nice and was beautifully pink – he was amazed. Said in two weeks it will be fully attached and I was out of the woods if I don’t do anythings else stupid. Hey, he doesn’t know me that well, does he?