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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Bubble Up.

It has been a while since I stuck my neck out and said where I think we are in all of this confusion, so I will update you as to what I think. Military pilots in training are dunked below water and confused. They have been taught to look for bubbles rising to the surface as an indication of the direction they need to head. Let us search for bubbles too.

In this confusing massive tangle of lies and deceit, we must always use critical thinking in analyzing all possible facts that may end up being more fact than just an assumption or possibility. With a few real facts we can then strain in the fog to search for a bubble to lead the way. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, try doing it while the horizon continuously changes around you. If you spot a bubble the direction suddenly shifts again.

Let me give you an example. Someone close to me asked me to give his boss advice on how to expand his business five years ago. I did the best I could (for free). Then I gave the caveat that he would have to borrow money from a bank over a year for building construction, that most of the big banks were insolvent and the banks could renege on the deal leaving him hanging, unable to go forward or backwards. I even pointed out that one could not even bet on the future of the U. S. Post Office at the time. I felt it was my duty to tell him what I saw. I just got a blank strange look. They expanded somewhat, without the construction, and are doing well.

Was I wrong? Yes and no. I am a CPA, a jack leg economist, former banker, paralegal specializing in commercial law, a systems analyst and a heavy factual reader. All of this has exposed me to the rules of the road; those rules Bankers MUST follow, CPAs must follow, the SEC must follow, the court’s must follow. I am in a unique position to be able to survey multiple disciplines at once instead of just one like most normal beings. Thought I had a good vantage point for a solid view on things. I was dead wrong!

My problem was that I believed all of the rules were set in cement and unchangeable. Just when I knew it must crash because of “this” rule, they secretly ignored “this” rule and never said another word about it. Called into court by a damaged party? The court simply ignores the rules. Think the Security Exchange Commission is doing it’s policing job? Think again. The rules no longer give us any sense of bubbles. They have changed so many rules that we no longer recognize the world we live in or understand how it works (because it doesn’t). So I guess now the bubbles no longer go up, or do they?

So let’s go to today’s analysis. To analyze everything one must question everything, right? The article out Monday giving the expertise bios of all on the Mueller investigation team certainly gives hope that they are prepared to go after the deep state. But at the same time, recall that Mueller was put in charge of the FBI a few weeks after 911 occurred and needed a cover-up. So we end up with no bubbles.

I have been watching Trump push the White House leaks and now pushing Sessions to get up off his ass and go kick a few. What if the leak stories are a rouse to tie up the press? What if the Sessions story is the same, just something to feed the opposition a red herring to eat up their press time? I do not know if this is so or not but it is possible.

In the meantime, there are more and more indications that the economy is in collapse. There are more indications that, as Jordan Sather said yesterday, the first bird on the wire may be about to fly off causing all the birds to go at once. He was referring to the Awan brother arrested for bank fraud and suddenly is represented by a Hilliary associate. Now we hear that Debbie W. Shultz, his employer, is coopering. Folks, out of everything I see, that is the only bubble I believe I see. The rest is just a gray haze.

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