• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. God Bless Him.

It has definitely been a wild news afternoon. The Washington Post announced that Trump caved in to Putin and has ordered the CIA to stop funding the anti-Assad forces in Syria. Morning Joe is sure to have a hissy-fit over the cave in to his collusion partner Russia. I can just hear it now.

Now I don’t really know if Trump can force the CIA to stop using their unaccountable for black operation, ill gained money to fund their mercenary army, but he can certainly order them. Let’s face it, Trump is in war with the CIA, so they may accept the order and they may not. Who knows?

But what I am so happy about is that there is still hope for the United States to gain its pride and freedom back. What Trump just did was to announce to the whole world that the CIA is funding and using terrorists to do it’s bidding. We, the U. S. are the terrorists to the world. God bless him. Bet you won’t hear this on Morning Joe.

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