• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. What Catherine Fitts Said.

If you have not had the 40 minutes to listen to the Catherine Austin Fitts interview, be certain to do so.

But in the meantime, this is what she says.

1. The Cabal is making a major push to finish enslaving us. They intend to micro-chip us to control us completely. They do not care if we live or die.

2. Trump is not the final answer. He is just one man standing up to him while he is controlled by them at the same time. His main contributions are taking down the Main Street Media, attempting peace with Russia, averting war, exposing Climate Change as fraud, and exposing the pedophiles.

He must now go after the Clintons and company.

3. The Main Street News Media is focused on Russia collusion because that is all they can create to keep us focused from the real problems.

4. The real problem is that the Cabal / Deep State has stolen about $40 Trillion from us and put us in utter devastation. We are losing our pensions and everything else we thought we had.

Our only way fo saving ourselves is to use the Constitution to get our $40T back and use that to rebuild our nation and destroy the Cabal in the process. She outlines how we should go about this task.