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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Nix On FOX.

I tried to watch the Sunday Screamers News shows yesterday morning. I focused on FOX news so I wouldn’t choke. I choked.

I watched as Chris Wallace grilled Reince Priebus from Trump’s staff. Wallace asked how Trump could form an alliance with Russia to create a cease fire in Syria after “Assad slaughtered 200,000 people.” That question offended n=me.

Let’s just zero in on the slaughter. What is a slaughter? Is it an unfair indiscriminate killing of indefensible unarmed citizens or is it a long, equally matched war for survival? The very word slaughter is a highly emotionally charged word to begin with. Then ther is the question of 200,000 killed. Is that mostly combatants? Combatants on both sides? Just civilians as collateral damage? If collateral damage, were they killed by both sides?

The reason the question irked me is because of all the above. The question gave conclusion while skipping the argument completely. This is how the news media steers our minds. Instead of facts and perhaps analysis, they give us emotional conclusion instead.

I was hoping that FOX was heading in the right direction. Now I feel otherwise. They are taking the Cabal money as they head into first place and are again taking the people down the Cabal’s primrose path. Again this morning II witnessed this. FOX news devoted the first eight minutes of it’s show on the Jared Kushner meeting with the Russian lawyer, which is a nothing story. But yet FOX fixated on it instead of real news from the weekend. Therefore, as for me, nix on FOX.

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