• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. I Hope I can Hope For . . .

Been a heck of a week for CNN hasn’t it? The three James O’Keef videos should be great news for CNN viewers, if only CNN kept them informed. For the life of me I don’t know why CNN would hold those stories, seeing how all of their viewers are “idiots” anyway. Now we hear that 48% of the CNN fake news followers on Tweet are fake as well (17 million of them).

The fake Tweet news reminds me of the old story we have all heard of the college professor that refused to teach an 8:00 AM class to only seven students. So he had a student assistant show up each morning and turn on a tape recording of his class from the prior afternoon. Then one morning the professor dropped in and discovered his large tape recorder teaching the class to seven small tape recorders! Yep, fake news for fake news followers.

Here is my take on things. I hope that this week the board of CNN will meet and consider that they are going down quick unless they . . . Hopefully they will have major shake ups. Of course the Supervisor that said, “All of our viewers are idiots.” will be boxed up and gone by July 4th. Odd that CNN is the story itself, isn't it?

The people are more awake and angry as ever. With CNN gasping on the floor, poor old Joe and Mika just happened to rear their heads so now all that anger is aimed at them. I seriously doubt that many Americans feel sorry for them. From the somber look on Joe’s face this morning it is apparent that either Trump is going to be with him for his entire vacation or he realizes his show is now in jeopardy. My personal hope is that I can also hope that the producers of the View have a serious meeting after the 4th as well.

I loved the way James O’keef ended his video today by saying that all the people want is an honest news report.

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